Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This contents page is from the well known magazine 'Kerrang'. The age group they are mostly aiming for is 14-230 year olds as they like the sort of music that Kerrang talk about. The pictures on the left illustrate what is going to be in the magazine, also people can also look at the pictures and they might recognise a band and they would read about them. The pictures also have a page number so readers can find them quicker. The basic colours used are yellow and black with a bit of white. This is simple but effective because it makes it look interesting and eye catching. At the top of the contents page there is an editors letter. This tells the reader what they can find in the magazine and the eiditor can recommend a story and people will read that story because the editor recomended it. On the right is a list of the stories that are in the magazine. 'This week' is in a bigger font than the other text because this draws people in to read the contents underneath it.

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