Wednesday, 30 September 2009

This picture matches the a level story, however i did not use it because the person is too far away
This is the picture i used for the background of thefront cover. It is a sensible picture as it matches with the main headline, which is about a level pupils.
Overall I think i done really well with my magazine as it was the first time i used photoshop. The final things i had to do was take extra pictures for the front cover of my magazine

This is my front cover for my magazine. The background matches the main headline "A levels back". It shows two ex A level pupils who got great achievements in there results. The background also shows the construction of the new school and that is one of our side stories which is found along the side of the magazine. The other side stories are the sports results, the charity week and a teacher being knighted. The front cover has other resources as well. It has the heworth grange website which pupils can look at for extra information on a subject.

Monday, 28 September 2009

This is my finished contents page. It has the main stories listed on the left hand side so everyone knows what is in the magazine. The pictures on the side symbolise the stories on the left.
This is me and it symbolises the A level results story.

This is a picture from the play Oliver. This picture is also on the contents page and it is there to symbolise the story that the play Oliver is back. It also tells people what they can expect on that page.
This is the main office of Heworth Grange and this picture is also found on the contents page. This is a building that everyone recognises and knows.
This is the main picture for the new construction side story which will be found on the contents page. This shows us how much progress is being made.