Wednesday, 16 December 2009

These are the flat plans for my front cover, contents page, first page of my main article and the double page spread for my main article.

This is the nearly finished version of my double page spread which i have made. As i said before it is in a question and answer format. The background goes from light grey to white. There are quotes from the band at the bottom of the page. This makes people interested in the text above. The quote "Axl Rose is our hero" makes people read the text so they can find out why they like Axl Rose.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

For my double page spread main article I have done my article in a question and answer format unlike the introduction paragraph on the other page. The questions and answers are seperated, the questions are bold to help people read the interview. At the bottom of the page there is a picture of one of the brothers and next to him there is a quote from him. That tells people that that is the exact words that he said and it attracts people to read it. At the bottom of the other side of the double page spread there are questions that the interviewer asked for interest that people might find interesting. Although it looks plain it still attracts certain people to read it.

This is the first page of my main article. At the top people know that its the main article because in a red box its says main interview, this saves people reading the article if they dont want to read it. The picture shows the two brothers in a medium long shot. It is a big picture to show poeple that they are the main talking point and that they are important. There is an introduction paragraph at the bottom of the page for people that have never heard of them. It gives them an overview of why their famous.

Monday, 7 December 2009


I used this picture on the second page of my main article. I used it because it matches the quote next to the picture.

This is the picture i have used for the first page of my main article. I used this picture because it shows the two band members enjoying themselves and having a good time. This picture also catches peoples eyes. This picture was hard to crop as the the computer mistook the band members for the background. It is a medium shot.
My inspirations for my project are magazines which i bought and looked at. I also went on some websites

Also Woody Harrelson

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

This is the final copy of the contents page. I changed the font sizes to 12 so the writing wont be big when reading it. The pictures on the side represent one of the stories on the left and the bottom. There is a picture of the front cover on the contents page.

This is the nearly finished version of my contents page. The fonts on the contents page though are too big and they need to be smaller otherwise when printed out it would be too big.

Monday, 30 November 2009

I used this picture on my contents page because it is a simple picture. It catches peoples attention by the position the person is in.

I didnt use this picture as you cant see one of the people clearly.

This is the front cover picture when i cropped it. Now i can easily put it on the front cover and it will suit any background. The picture was easy to crop.

This is the picture i used for my front cover. I used this photo because it suited the story, it shows how close the brothers are and it can be easily cropped out.

This is a good medium long shot photo. I did not use this however because theres too much light on the person and that spoiles the shot.
Martin Gale and Gavin Gale are two brothers from the band ‘Desert Soldiers’. Martin is the lead singer and guitarist and Gavin is the drummer. This year they were known throughout the world for their hit song ‘Saving You’ and their album success. They are here to tell us about how the band formed, the early days of the band, their huge success throughout the world, their oncoming tour in Britain and the future of the band.

First off congratulations on the bands success!
Thanks, it has been a life changing year for all of us, It’s been mad! I still can’t believe it has happened to us, we are just five normal lads from Gateshead doing what we love, and to be given this chance is unbelievable. We still can’t believe it has happened to all of us and we are so lucky to get this big break.

How did the band form?
Eight years ago me and Gav had been playing the guitar for two years at school and I wanted to go further than just playing at school so when I was 16 I told Gav that we should make a band and he agreed. We made posters in our spare time and put them all around Gateshead and we had loads of replies and we had to pick the best and the band formed from there. We had a slow start playing at the clubs because no-one wanted us to perform. We finally had the chance to perform at a club and we gave it our all. After we performed we got a huge cheer from the crowd and that gave us confidence to keep on going and don’t stop. I’ve always said that our success and the belief in the band started there.

How close are you to the rest of the band?
We are all best friends and we do everything together. We even live together all five of us and we enjoy each others company, I don’t know what id do without them. Sometimes they get on your nerves and you have arguments over silly things but we always get past that. We will be friends forever and we look out for each other.

What is your best memory with the band?
Probably the first year with the band because we had no worries back then. It was all fun and games and we didn’t take it seriously at first, but now it is serious as this band is our lives so we have to work really hard to get somewhere in life. I still enjoy it now but there was less pressure back in the early days. However the best memory for us will have to be the Guns and Roses concert. They were amazing and we were invited backstage because they liked our music. We were so exited and nervous at the same time and when we were face to face with the band we were speechless. We had a great time but the thing I always remember about that night was the advice they gave us. I (Gav) use that advice every time I perform and it has helped a lot. Not just for me but for the entire band.

Your song ‘Saving You’ reached Number 1! How pleased are you.
It was the biggest shock we’ve ever had. Rock music isn’t as popular nowadays, but to get to Number 1 in the charts is magical. This also tells people that rock is becoming popular again. It is our biggest achievement to date and in the future we will like to repeat the success.

So what’s it like being one of the biggest bands in the UK?
It’s unbelievable! Everywhere we go we get noticed; in the streets, everywhere. We are living the celebrity lifestyle which we love. Every one of them has given us great comments and I am grateful that they like our music. They are the reason why we do this for a living. We are happy because they are happy.

Do you have any celebrity fans that you are star struck by?
I don’t think we have any Hollywood celebrity fans but we do have fans that I am shocked by, like Guns and Roses. They’re our heroes and to know that they appreciate our music is really flattering. I first went to see one of their concerts in my early teens and I have loved them since. Nickleback also like our music and that helps us even more write new material knowing that great rock figures are supporting us all the way.

Your album went to No 2 in the charts, did you expect that to happen?
To be honest, if our album got in the top 20 we’d be happy, but to see it in the top 2 we were ecstatic. I (Martin) was listening to the radio in the car with my girlfriend and the album top 40 charts were on. When we heard our band went to number 2 we were speechless, I phoned the guys and we were cheering and screaming. We all went out for a treat celebrating getting there. It’s still a shock to us and hopefully in the future we’ll keep up with the success.

You have an oncoming tour in two months, are you nervous?
I am nervous and exited about the tour coming up. We have worked hard and hopefully during the tour we’ll enjoy it. We have 30 gigs to do in that tour and it is tiring especially when we are travelling to the venue. We don’t like to travel around the country but we have to deal with it.

So what is happening in the future for ‘Desert Soldiers’?
We are beginning to write some new material but other than that not at the moment. We are taking every day as it comes. We hope to release another album next year and if it’s a success like the last one then we will be happy. We are also looking forward to working with great bands and artists like Nickleback and Fall Out Boy.

We then asked Martin and Gavin some questions of interest.

What do you do in your spare time?
We don’t have a lot of spare time at the moment but when we do we like to play football. I (Martin) used to play for a Sunday league team when I was in my early teens. It was really fun and it kept me fit. I am also a die-hard Newcastle fan and so is Gav. When we have time we would go and watch a game of football. I also like going out with friends everywhere and when I am home I like to play on the ps3.

What is your favourite food?
(Gavin) I like all sorts of food, but my favourite would have to be Chinese. I have Chinese at least twice a week; I can’t get enough of it. I also love ice cream.

What is your favourite film?
(Gavin) My favourite film will have to be Pearl Harbour. I love this film because it’s really entertaining and it shows the impact WWII had on people. I also like the Dark Knight.

Who is your favourite non-rock artist?
It has to be Michael Jackson. He is another inspiration to our work. He was the king of music and everyone even rockers appreciated his work. When we found out that he died we were devastated.

What is your favourite song?
(Martin) That’s a hard choice. I love many songs, some rock and some aren’t. But my favourite would have to be ‘Don’t stop believing’ by Journey. I absolutely love it. I listen to it every day and it never gets old. If I had to choose a non-rock song it would have to be ‘Smooth Criminal’ by Michael Jackson.
(Gavin) There’s no contest for mine, it has to be ‘Sweet child of mine’ by Guns and Roses’. I love the guitar at the beginning and it’s got amazing vocals. My favourite non-rock song is I’m gonna to be (500 miles). You will laugh but this song does cheer you up when you are upset and it puts everyone in a dancing mood.

And finally what’s your favourite show?
It has to be ‘Family Guy’. It’s the funniest animated comedy ever and we watch it when we can.

Monday, 23 November 2009

This is an article from the popular magazine Kerrang featuring Green Day. Half of the page is a picture of Green Day. It is a simple picture but it is effective. It is a medium long shot.

Monday, 16 November 2009

This is a double page spread of the main article for the magazine NME. The main article is split into two, with the article on the left and the bands picture on the right. The picture tells the reader what sort of people they are and from the picture i can tell that they seen to behave like teenagers and they are untidy which is what we expected. In the article they talk about how the band was made, their new album and the oncoming future for them. The articles format is in paragraphs with a few questions in it, it is not a question and answer article. They also have a factfile at the bottom of the page for people who want to know a bit more about the band.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I have nearly finished my front cover, i need to find a suitable picture for my front cover.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This is the contents page of them popular music magazine 'NME', which stands for 'New Musical Express'. The pictures in the middle of the contents page tell us what the main story is in this magazine. The band index on the left hand side tells us what artists are in the magazine this week. The big text underneath the two pictures tells us what the main story is about. The list on the right side tells us what else is going to be in the magazine in order to page number.
This contents page is from the well known magazine 'Kerrang'. The age group they are mostly aiming for is 14-230 year olds as they like the sort of music that Kerrang talk about. The pictures on the left illustrate what is going to be in the magazine, also people can also look at the pictures and they might recognise a band and they would read about them. The pictures also have a page number so readers can find them quicker. The basic colours used are yellow and black with a bit of white. This is simple but effective because it makes it look interesting and eye catching. At the top of the contents page there is an editors letter. This tells the reader what they can find in the magazine and the eiditor can recommend a story and people will read that story because the editor recomended it. On the right is a list of the stories that are in the magazine. 'This week' is in a bigger font than the other text because this draws people in to read the contents underneath it.

Monday, 2 November 2009

I have done the first draft of my article for the music magazine. I will be making changes to the article to make it better.

Monday, 19 October 2009

The results from my questionnaire tell me that most people prefer rock music than any other type of music, so my magazine is based on rock music mainly. The magazine also includes other types of music to attract more people. I also found out that people are attracted to a magazine by the layout and colour as well as the information on the front cover. So my front cover needs to be layed out correctly and with the right colours to make people buy it.
This is the front cover of popular music magazine NME. This magazine uses simple formats however they are affective. The magazine uses three main colours - white, yellow and red. These colours look really affective together. There are three main fonts on the front cover of the magazine. There is a medium close up shot of the main picture of 'The Automatic'.

This is the front cover of popular music magazine Kerrang. The colours used on the magazine cover attract people to buy the magazine. These colours that they have used are to attract women because they are stereotypical. There are four main colours used on the front cover and this gives it a lively feel to the magazine. There are two main fonts on the magazine and the reason is to keep it simple for the readers. There are many pictures on the front of the magazine to add to the information on the front. It also tells the readers what they can expect in the magazine.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

This is my first draft of the front cover of my magazine. It is very basic and it can be easily changed for future corrections

Monday, 12 October 2009

This pie chart shows what type of music is the most popular

This pie chart shows what attracts people to buy a magazine

This shows how often people buy a magazine.

This pie chart shows how much the majority would pay for a magazine.

This is a pie chart showing which type of magazine is the best
I am now creating a music magazine and this time it is in more depth than the school magazine. Firstl before i create my magazine i need to make a survey to see which type of magazine is the most popular towards people. For that i had to create a questionnaire. This enabled me to see what is the most important features to a magazine.

1 What type of magazine do you tend to buy?
q Country
q Rock
q Pop
q R’n’B
q Other-………………………..

2 How much would you pay for a magazine?
q £1-2
q £2-3
q £3 or more

3 How often do you buy a magazine?
q Everyday
q 2-3 times a week
q Once a week
q Once a month

4 What attracts you to buy a magazine?
q Colour
q Design
q Type
q Pictures
q Other-………………………….

5 What type of music do you tend to listen to?
q Country
q Rock
q Pop
q R’n’B
q Other-………………………….
6 Who is your favourite band?………………………………………………..
7 What kind of stories catches your attention if you were looking at a front cover?………………………………………………..
8 When looking at a magazine do you tend to look for extras that come with a magazine?…………………………………………………

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

This picture matches the a level story, however i did not use it because the person is too far away
This is the picture i used for the background of thefront cover. It is a sensible picture as it matches with the main headline, which is about a level pupils.
Overall I think i done really well with my magazine as it was the first time i used photoshop. The final things i had to do was take extra pictures for the front cover of my magazine

This is my front cover for my magazine. The background matches the main headline "A levels back". It shows two ex A level pupils who got great achievements in there results. The background also shows the construction of the new school and that is one of our side stories which is found along the side of the magazine. The other side stories are the sports results, the charity week and a teacher being knighted. The front cover has other resources as well. It has the heworth grange website which pupils can look at for extra information on a subject.

Monday, 28 September 2009

This is my finished contents page. It has the main stories listed on the left hand side so everyone knows what is in the magazine. The pictures on the side symbolise the stories on the left.
This is me and it symbolises the A level results story.

This is a picture from the play Oliver. This picture is also on the contents page and it is there to symbolise the story that the play Oliver is back. It also tells people what they can expect on that page.
This is the main office of Heworth Grange and this picture is also found on the contents page. This is a building that everyone recognises and knows.
This is the main picture for the new construction side story which will be found on the contents page. This shows us how much progress is being made.